The Everlasting Influence of Vikram Sarabhai

Vikram Sarabhai's legacy resonates through a myriad of accomplishments spanning diverse domains. His enduring impact is manifested in several notable ways. The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), a pivotal facility for ISRO's launch vehicle development, stands as a tribute to his name. His significant role in establishing the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A), has elevated it to a position of eminence as one of India's premier business schools.

To honor his memory, the Indian Postal Department issued a commemorative postal stamp on the first anniversary of his passing. Additionally, the International Astronomical Union bestowed the name "Sarabhai crater" upon a lunar feature, Bessel A, in the Sea of Serenity in 1973. Furthermore, his legacy shines on through the naming of the lander of India's Chandrayaan-2 moon mission as "Vikram," a tribute that echoes his remarkable contributions.

Vikram Sarabhai's indelible mark on India's scientific and technological progress endures as a beacon of inspiration across generations. His commitment to space exploration, nuclear technology, and the establishment of educational and research institutions has laid the bedrock for India's advancement in these spheres. Sarabhai's recognition as the Father of the Indian Space Program, coupled with his extraordinary achievements, has etched an unwavering imprint on India's scientific community and the nation at large. His visionary spirit, innovative prowess, and resolute dedication to India's progress have firmly entrenched him as one of the most revered and influential figures in the annals of the country's history.

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