Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

The financial aid you have offered me so far has been of great help to me. It had given me the opportunity to get an education when I thought it was not achievable due to financial constraints and for this I am grateful. I am aware of the standards of satisfactory academic progress, and I was not able to meet them this past semester since I got an F in one of my classes.

   I got a job to help me cater for my basic needs. I tried as much as I could throughout the semester to ensure that my working hours do not conflict with my class hours, but this was hard to achieve with this particular class. This class was set to be taught once every week in the morning. On the days that I had this class, I was scheduled to work in the morning, and I would lose the job if I did not go to work. This made me miss the class four times this semester. I thought that I could try and catch up with the rest, but it became too difficult for me, and therefore I got an F.

   About a week ago, I resigned from my job and found a job elsewhere in which I am scheduled only for evening shifts. This will enable me to take care of my basic needs while ensuring I attend all my classes. This new job is also flexible in that I do not have to go to work every day of the week and this will give me more time to study.

   The financial aid is crucial to me since I value my education. Given the circumstances of the last semester, I have taken steps to ensure that I will not have an unsatisfactory academic progress in the future. First of all, I have formed a study group that will help me understand concepts that are difficult for me or help me catch up on what is taught in class in case I am not able to attend a class.

   I have also scheduled all my other appointments such as work, family visits, medical appointments and the rest to happen strictly either during the evening or on weekends. This will ensure that I do not miss any of my classes except when there is an emergency.

   I have also been very keen on planning. I know the key to getting things done daily is to plan them out. I did not often plan this last semester, and I would at times find myself focusing more on other activities as opposed to studying. For a person with a lot of activities to do in a day, planning will ensure that all these activities are done and the right amount of time is assigned to each of them. Planning will make sure that I make regular visits to the library which was not the case this past semester.

I will be taking the class in which I got an F this semester. I have used part of the money I got from working last semester to pay for it. With a change in schedule meaning I can attend all my classes and have time to study, and with regular visits to the library, I believe I can achieve excellence in this class.

   To meet the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress by the end of next term, I need to maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.0 and above, both overall and for Valencia, which can be accomplished by ensuring I attend all my classes and study well. My overall completion rate should be at 67% or higher which means I should attend most if not all my classes.

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