Advantages of Online Education

Online education is all about taking classes via the internet. It has encouraged more students to carry on their studies regardless of the situation they are in due to its convenience and flexibility. It is more comfortable to an individual’s because they operate from their homes and complete the assignment at their convenient time. People who lack flexible schedules or have family responsibilities do prefer online education because of its flexibility and convenience to them. Also, they are more flexible for people who travel frequently or for the ones in the military who has no time to attend classes. Online education is also known as distance learning it is of great importance as it allows students to carry on their education from whatever location they are rather than moving to a particular place.

I such terms, though online education has its advantages it also has its limitations, and they include having your reliable internet connection and a computer, fewer opportunities of attending extracurricular activities and clubs, limited direct contact with the professors and colleagues (Emanuel, 2013). But even though such limitation exists the advantages outweigh them at all costs. Therefore online education is more preferable than as it has its flexibility to everyone. In that regard, this topic will entirely cover the advantages of online education.

In such terms, the benefits of online education are as follows it connects you to the global village, it educates you to be self-disciplined, it has its financial benefits, and it promotes long life learning. It gives real world skills; it gives individuals the opportunity to meet interesting people, it gives individuals more attention, it brings education to your home, it provides flexibility and convenience. For instance, when looking at the history of man, no technological invention has ever connected people like the internet. In that regard, even though there is a big gap between those who access the internet and those who do not, the fact that any of the individuals can communicate across the globe speaks more about the importance of the medium. Due to that at any time, a person uses the website it is also located in the other country, so it is easy to join the global village.

Long distance learning not only it gives people knowledge, but also it educates them on how to be self-disciplined. In such terms, in an online education success depends on you as an individual because there is no lecturer or anybody to push you around and tell you on how to study, and submit the assignments in time (Hoy, 2014). In that regard, for an online student to succeed he/she needs to be self-disciplined. It also has its financial benefits such as it saves the cost of childcare while you are away from home, the cost of food while on campus, and parking expenses. Due to that, though one may think that paying for the internet and buying the computer is so expensive it is not as compared to attending lectures. Therefore, lately, long distance is more preferable as compared to traditional learning as it is more convenient, flexible and it can allow you to have access to education right at home.



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